MicahSoft Workbook

MicahSoft Workbook

MicahSoft Workbook was my first django framework project that I created by myself. It is a spreadsheet application that is primarly opperated by javascript with django rendering the pages. Probably the biggest project I've made, MicahSoft Workbook is frequently updated with new features and bug patches. *not optimized for mobile devices


Elixer chat interface

Elixer is my django framework project where I worked in a group to create a chat interface similar to Discord or Slack. In my team I was responsible for most of the back-end development work, database management and javascript. What makes Elixer unique is its ability to censor strong language to make it a safer environment for children.

Java Cuisine

Java Cuisine Project

Java Cuisine is my Springboot group project where it collects the information of real existing restaurants and their reviews. In this project I created the entities used to store restaurant information, review information and user information.

MicahSoft Word

MicahSoft Word Project

MicahSoft Word is my award-winning, unit 2 solo project made in replit and coded in python. It is a simplified mimicry of both Microsoft Word and Google Docs as a python terminal interface program.

MicahSoft Notes

MicahSoft Notes

Another new product from the MicahSoft product line. This react.js application website allows users to write and remove notes which are saved onto a local storage api and can be viewed again even if the page is closed.

Micah Gray's Dog Website

Website with the dogs

I was learning javascript when I created this website to fulfill the requirements to make a static website that uses an API. This website contacts an API that gives random dog images and gifs which I display as a picture for the viewer to see.